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Hello. This is the story of Bloomer. At the right season, Bloomer teaches, those who are ready, how to bloom. At first one might think that a person who is ready to bloom would instinctively know how to bloom. You know, kind of like a baby swan knows how to swim then how to fly. However, we Humans, unlike baby swans, need teachers to guide us.

Of course it can't be just any teacher. To be most effective, it must be the right
teacher, at the right time, in the right place, for the right reason, as well as for the greatest common good. That is why Bloomer is so dog gone perfect... Ah, I mean so flexible.

It's kind of like Bloomer finished, with high honors, in this on going training program that we Humans, for the most part, have forgotten that we volunteered for. Instead of continuing on to the next magnificent training program in his line of succession, Bloomer volunteered to hang around and help the next class to graduate.

Well, Bloomer got good at what he learned to do. In fact he just about became the best a person could get, if they really wanted to learn how to bloom. He even found a source of great joy in his blooming work. Years melted into decades, and decades into incarnations. In fact, he doesn't mention it to often but Bloomer has lived many more lifetimes than there are stones in the Great Wall of China.

Yes, Bloomer is a master of joyous patience. He knows all too well how to caution us about the all too many obstacles which we create by the all too poor quality of our thoughts. You see, he's been there. Bloomer has been just as big a rascal as we have, [and , in some cases, still are]. So he knows all the tricks. There isn't one trick that hasn't been played on him, or that he hasn't played, in one way or another, on someone else. It's a good thing Bloomer turned out to be a good guy, because he constantly draws on his experience to guide and warn us so that we can transmute our obstacles into stepping stones toward our bloom time - [graduation].

There's just one problem, Bloomer is not a boomer. That's right, he, as a cosmically trained tour guide, has some professional restrictions, which means he follows a very special code. Bloomer cannot break this code and remain a guide. For one thing, he cannot interfere with our Free Will. Bloomer is not a tyrant teacher, who owns us for the seeming infinity of time it takes to get through this cosmic kindergarten. Bloomer can't make us do his will. He can, however, whisper guidance to us when he thinks we need it. That's right - whisper.

Anything other than a whisper would be beyond the code and considered as the cosmic no-no #1. So maybe we can ease up on blaming him for not speaking up while we are in the heat of our personal experience with all our emotions blaring like Ghetto Blasters.

The thing is that Bloomer's information is the perfect advice for every situation. Well, you say, "If that's the case, then why don't we listen and reap the benefits?" Well, if you are anything like I have been, [and sometimes still am], you choose to do that which you figure will give you the most dog gone ... Ah, I mean the most pleasure. Sometimes the voice of fear or panic also blocks out his whispered advice on how to conquer the situation safely and sanely, for the maximum benefit of all concerned.
Of course, over the many incarnations of painful experiences we begin to vaguely remember Bloomer's warnings, which occurred just before we stepped into a pile of... Ah I mean just before we got into a world of hurt.

After hundreds more incarnations of this vague memory of warning, we begin to remember the advice a bit more clearly. Mind you now, we are not listening and taking or rejecting that advice before the incident occurs, but are just remembering it a tad more clearly after we stepped.... ah got into the pain of personal problems.

After thousands more incarnations, we learn to hear Bloomer's advice when he whispers it. Mind you now, we just hear it before the incident occurs. We are not taking the advice into consideration in any way.

After hundreds more incarnations of a little pleasure and a lot more pain, we gradually, [snail's pace gradually], begin to consider Bloomer's advice during the situation. Of course the advice is designed to be considered before the situation so at this stage pain is still our teacher, rather than Bloomer.

Hundreds more incarnations come and painfully go before we hear and consider Bloomer's advice before the situation. Like we said, Bloomer is a mighty patient guy, but he does get tested by us to the nth degree. You see, Bloomer can only give advice, but God gave us the Free Will to reject that advice if we consider that the alternative would give us more pleasure right?

After hundreds more incarnations of pain and regret, we finally begin to listen to Bloomer's advice with a bit of the detachment which we have learned while discerning the cause of our seemingly infinite pain. In other words, Bloomer has finally got our attention.

Now do we listen to his advice on living ethics and cosmic laws as applied in the earth plane? No way. We hound him regularly to give us the winning lottery ticket number ahead of the drawing so that we can get rich and have fun!

Hundreds more incarnations go painfully by and Bloomer definitely has our full attention now. Are we full of gratitude? What do we ask him? Why didn't you tell me that before? If your such a great guide, then how come you didn't heal me when I was in the hospital after I got drunk and broke my arm? Why did you let me stay in all that pain? Tour guide's cosmic no-no #2: Do not interfere with Karma.

Many more incarnations of some pleasure and a lot more pain go by and we are now genuinely grateful to get a friendly warning from that still small voice within, which those of us on the Path have come to value so highly.

My friends, this message comes to you from Bloomer. Each one of us has a Bloomer. Each one of us has that still small voice within. Some of us know that voice as the voice of conscience. Some know it as the Inner Self, a hunch, the Inner Fire, Guardian Angel, Intuition, Solar Angel, gut feeling, or the Master Within. However, no matter what we may call it, you cannot get a better friend, or a better deal. Together you can maximize your service to Humanity, World Culture, The Hierarchy of Light, and the Source of all Beauty and all Light in perfect co-measurement. Now what could be better than that?     

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