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 In The Dark There Are No Rainbows

 The way of beauty is the way of the heart. Beautiful thoughts lead to the joy of love. Consistently beautiful thoughts constitute the master key to the treasury of the heart.

Possibilities are seeds. Thoughts are seeds. We choose what we want to think about. We are directly responsible for the quality of our thoughts. We suffer because of the quality of our thoughts. It has been said, "Be strong like the Plum tree in winter, but in your heart cultivate the delicate beauty of Plum blossoms." To this let us add that the quality of our thoughts regulate the quality of our lives. When we choose to identify with an ideal, we also identify with the contents of that ideal, which include thoughts, feelings and actions. We act on our ideals. It pays to choose carefully. We cannot make the best choices without a positive spiritual life.

The heart is our instrument. Each of us chooses the quality of music to be played on it. We fill our hearts (and thus the universe), with our choices. Will we fill all space with joy or sadness? We have been given Free-Will. We also have been given the opportunity to exercise that Free-Will. We may choose to think, feel and act prudently or imprudently. Like seeds our choices grow, and, in due time, (seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries, and yes millions of incarnations), we meet the consequences of our choices.

"We have resentments because
we think that we should not have to reap what we reap".

It could be a fine harvest, a bitter harvest, or somewhere in between. But harvest we do, and harvest we will. It has been said that, "Not without ignorance have we made our cloud. Not without heart will we find our sun." The quality of our personal harvest depends upon the quality of the thought-seeds we plant. Good quality thoughts produce a good quality harvest. Poor quality thoughts produce a poor quality harvest. Beautiful thoughts are the seeds of happiness. Beautiful feelings are the flowers of happiness. Beautiful acts are the fruits of happiness. Can we increase the quality of our thoughts? Yes we can! We can maximize the quality of our thoughts. At this point, some readers may naturally be thinking, "Well this sounds all well and good, but just how in the universe can we maximize the quality of our thoughts?"

First we must recognize that a positive spiritual life exists and that we may participate in it. Then we become gradually more aware that we choose, when we choose, and of what we choose. For someone who would like to recognize that a positive spiritual life exists, (or who would like to increase the quality of his or her participation in it), the easiest first step is to bring more beauty into daily life. Beauty is very available and inexpensive. It could be a flower, a sunset, a smile, or the pleasant memory of a flower, a sunset, or smile. We don't have to travel far or climb exotic mountains. If we fill our hearts with beauty, then the Author of All Beauty will follow. It is simple and safe. The way of beauty is the way of the heart.    

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