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Many of the poems are titled "Messages To Myself" with the date they are written. Browse below to read some samples.
Message To Myself (August 8, 2009)
Message To Myself (28 May 2016)
Know your heart never rests
(a gift forever free).
Earth life is full of tests.
The thankful have a key.

The knowing most applaud
a heart with gratitude.
It breathes the breath of God,
and breaks the darkest mood.

Know the sun never sets.
(illusion fills our day).
Strive-on without regrets.
Be grateful for your stay.
Touch now the Face and warm your Soul:
caring's the cure for Humankind.
Fill with beauty each lofty goal:
let heart well teach the joy of mind.
Such knowledge leads to gratitude,
and says goodbye to rude and crude.
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Message To Myself (June 1, 2016)
Message To Myself (August 7, 2016)
This journey's made by all,
from first breath to the last.
Balance is our best call.
Love can happen Soul-fast.
My mind thinks never old,
yet body shouts I'm there.
Youth was a tale once told.
Age is a cautious dare.
Years regret "youth-when-young".
No learning means no reach.
Joy is a song well sung:
beauty knows how to teach.
Sure aging is that precious art,
where mind is warmed when taught by heart.
I'm running out of time
to master weight control.
That blind spot of my prime
would ambush and cajole.

I'm thinking less belly.
This time nutrition reigns.
No more jam and jelly.
It's protein now and grains.

It's fruit and veggie smart,
(this balance of my plate).
Salt is no longer part
of all that I just ate.

Sugar is not my friend.
It only helps me bulge.
My "Eat-More" now must end
(that craving to indulge).

Loss is a gaining grace.
Slimming increases health.
To take up much less space
means wise and subtle wealth.

Movement is in the mix.
I've taken up Tai-Chi.
But will my plan now fix
my over-eating me?

For thinning can beguile
and lull success to sleep.
For it to be worthwhile,
sweet-vigils I must keep.
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